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Having a baby or know someone having a baby? Then you know, people love to guess when the baby will be born. MiBaby is the quickest and easiest way to keep track of everyones guesses then generate a list of winners when the little one comes!

- Track guesses fo an unlimited number of babies and players
- Store name, mothers name, fathers name, due date and/or expected sex for each baby
- Optionally play the following guessing games for each baby: Birth Date, Birth Time, Birth Weight, Birth Sex, and/or Time in Labor
- Stores the name, phone number, email address and/or notes for each player along with their guesses for each baby in the game
- Use "Kristal Ball" feature to randomly guess values for a given player and baby
- Enter actual birth information when the baby is born to automatically generate a list of winners
- Generates a list of winners for each game for every baby
- Generates a list of overall winners for all games for a given baby
- Email results to all players
- Integrated quick help system

MiBaby is so fun youll want to have another baby just to play again!